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Child Poverty – A look at Laos

From this week’s options, I chose to look at child poverty in a country and state three (3) insights or ideas gained from examining the website https://www.unicef.org/socialpolicy/index_childpoverty.html which deals with Child Poverty and Social Protection. According to Child Trends Bank (2016), children under the age of eighteen (18) years old are more likely to be living in … Continue reading Child Poverty – A look at Laos

Sharing Web Resources – A Look at Autism Spectrum Disorder

Years ago one of the Pastor’s at my church had his first son while he and his wife were living overseas in the United States. He was soon to learn that his first son was autistic. Awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder was  hardly known or spoken about back then  and when he returned to Jamaica, … Continue reading Sharing Web Resources – A Look at Autism Spectrum Disorder

My Supports

Support is a very important part of any individual’s life.  Support refers to the assistance you receive either in part or completely in order to handle a specific matter or on a regular basis. My greatest support is my family unit.  My immediate and adopted families (church and close friends) are of great comfort to … Continue reading My Supports

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